MD: “Poleteismo” and the CCP “Kulo” exhibit controversy Tonight on MD”


Art for Art’s Sake?
Never has a piece of artwork caused this much public uproar in recent history. The Church openly expressed its disfavor. Other artists voiced their dismay. Still other artists defended the artist and his work. Rallies have been organized. The Senate began to investigate. The debates continue.All because of Poleteismo, a piece made by visual and installation artist Mideo Cruz.

With his juxtaposition of religious and sexual symbolisms, he has been tagged anywhere from “amateur” to downright “satanic.”

But in the middle of the brouhaha, do people really understand the full meaning of Cruz’s work, denounced by many as blasphemous?

How should one deconstruct and analyze a certain artwork? What should one do when faced with an art work that offends? Artists cry out for freedom of expression. But is this freedom absolute? Who sets the parameters and bounds? Who defines what is art and what is trash?

Ride with Jay Taruc as he seeks to understand the points of view of the Church, artists, and Mideo Cruz himself, and attempts to tell the story of Poleteismo from all these angles to the common Filipino.

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