A call for respect and sobriety

by: CCP Visual Arts

source : http://www.facebook.com/notes/ccp-visual-arts/a-call-for-respect-and-sobriety/227789677258712

As of 11:30 am today, we learned that a man and a woman, walked in the Main Gallery, and proceeded to vandalize some artworks in there.  CCP Security were not able to apprehend the vandals; only an illegible signature was left in the guest book.  Our security people are conducting their investigation on this incident now, and we have taken extra measures to guard the gallery against further mishaps.

We assure the artists and curators of KULO that the further damage has been averted.  Let us keep calm and take into perspective that we need not take this matter personally.   We request the arts and culture community to keep vigilant but let us maintain a dignified stance about this.  We will not be equal to the rage and extremism of other entities.  As you may recall, the CCP has always maintained that  freedom of expression extends to all; not just to artists but to those who wish to speak up for their religious and spiritual beliefs within proper means and venues.

In the past few days, we have witnessed an immense stream of angry pronouncements both in mainstream media and social networks in the internet.  We have also seen threats of legal charges by religious groups.   These reactions and course of actions are all valid as moral and legal resorts of those who feel offended by art.  And though art is representation and does not pretend to be anything more than art, we would like to remind anyone else who are considering violent and destructive acts against art, artists and art institutions that such acts are clearly criminal.  Let us all be proper, respectful and tolerant despite our different views.

Maging mahinahon po tayo at makinig ng maayos sa isa’t isa.  Not all of us are Catholics, not all of us are artists, yet we are all deserving of honor and dignity.

Please pass so that we could all achieve this understanding.  Maraming salamat po

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